Special Book Offer for SCV Members – The Blood of Stonewall

The Blood of Stonewall
The Blood of Stonewall

The following is a special book offer for Sons of Confederate Veterans members from Ron D. Rissler, author of the new book “The Blood of Stonewall”.

After eight years of research, I have authored and recently published a book titled The Blood of Stonewall. The book details the lives of Lt. Gen. Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson, his widow Mary Anna Jackson, his daughter, Julia Thomas Jackson Christian, his only grandson, Brig. Gen. Thomas J. J Christian, and his great-grandson, Col. Thomas J. J. Christian, Jr., a P-47 and P-51 pilot killed in WWII.

The book consists of 964 pages and 314 images. One major highlight of the book documents the nation’s high regard by which it held Stonewall Jackson. For over one hundred years, the nation’s newspapers, including the Northern press, reported in detail on the lives of Jackson’s widow, daughter, grandson and great-grandson for one reason and one reason only – each was intimately connected to or a direct descendant of the revered “Stonewall.”

As the author, I can offer a signed copy of the book at a substantial discount to SCV members.

The hardback is listed on Amazon for $66.95. I am offering the hardback, which includes mailing cost, at $36.95. If any member of the SCV desires to purchase the book and wants it signed, please provide me with their name.

Ron D. Rissler
(304) 725 2476