Sons of Confederate Veterans support for our nation and the rule of law

(Elm Springs, TN) 14 August 2017 — The Sons of Confederate Veterans opposes the KKK and other racist organizations. The SCV condemns in the strongest possible way the actions, words, and beliefs of any racist group. These groups are filled with hatred and bigotry, and racism is counter to the American principles of freedom for all citizens. Neither white supremacists nor any other racist group represent true Southern Heritage or the Confederate Soldier, Sailor, or Marine. In like-manner, the SCV condemns the actions of the “Antifa” counter-protestors whose role was to meet violence with violence and to answer hate with hate. Particularly, the SCV condemns the Alt-Left’s attempts to attack Confederate monuments and other war memorials in an attempt to tarnish the true history of our great nation and to further their modern socialist political agenda. Continue reading “Sons of Confederate Veterans support for our nation and the rule of law”


Duty, Honor and Historical Negationism

The United States of America – our country is the greatest country on earth and we, as citizens of the U.S.A., should be proud of our great country and our heritage. Yet, there are certain citizens who denigrate our country and its heritage, who will utilize “Historical Negationism” in their efforts to remove any vestiges of our countries heritage that they don’t agree with, such as Confederate memorials, flags, etc.

What is Duty, Honor and Historical Negationism? Continue reading “Duty, Honor and Historical Negationism”

Welcome New Member

The Compatriots of the Lt Col Elihu Hutton Camp 569 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans welcomes our newest member – Elihu F Phares. His ancestor is Capt. Andrew Jackson Chewning, Company B, 19th Regiment, Virginia Cavalry.

Cleaning Union Headstones

Recently, the Lt Col Elihu Hutton Camp 569 SCV started cleaning the headstones of Union soldiers, as part of our respect of all American soldiers, whether they are Confederate, Union or soldiers of other American conflicts.

One of our first cleanings was the headstones of Jesse F. Phares, who served as a scout for the Union army, and the headstone of his wife, Lucinda Phares. We used D2 Biological Solution to clean their headstones, which is the same cleaning solution we used to clean Confederate headstones. Continue reading “Cleaning Union Headstones”

Veterans Day 2018

Honor the United States military members and Veterans of our great Nation!

Veterans Day 2018
Veterans Day 2018 – image courtesy of the U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs

WV SCV Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the West Virginia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans will be held on Saturday, April 28, 2018 at the Days Inn & Suites Sutton Flatwoods, 350 Days Drive, Sutton, WV 26601, ph 304-765-5055.

The meeting will start at 12 noon and is scheduled until 5pm. This is an election year so make sure your Camp sends representatives. We will also award the Camp with the highest new members and highest percentage of growth. Each one comes with a $100 check, (a Camp must be represented to collect).

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Confederate Flag Day 2018

The WV Division will have our Confederate Flag and Southern Heritage event on Saturday March 3rd 2018 at the Martinsburg Roundhouse.

We will start at 11am and go to 1pm.
We will have a sales table with Southern flags and merchandise.
The roundhouse is located at 100 E. Liberty Street Martinsburg WV 25404

Paul Williams
Commander, West Virginia Division

Note: Lt Commander of the SCV, Paul Gramling will be the keynote speaker.

National Veterans and Military Families Month – November 2017

President Donald J. Trump Proclaims November 2017 as National Veterans and Military Families Month


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During National Veterans and Military Families Month, we honor the significant contributions made by American service members, their families, and their loved ones. We set aside this month surrounding Veterans Day to hold observances around the country to honor and thank those whose service and sacrifice represent the very best of America. We renew our Nation’s commitment to support veterans and military families. They deserve it. Continue reading “National Veterans and Military Families Month – November 2017”

Veterans Day 2017

Honor the United States military members and Veterans of our great Nation!

Veterans Day 2017
Veterans Day 2017 – image courtesy of the U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs